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    Podlaska Agency for Energy Actions 2004

1. From September 2003 to April 2004 - settlement of all matters concerning formal side of functioning of the Agency.

Agreement of European Commission on official beginning of the activity of the Agency

In April 2004 European Commission considered Podlaska Agency for Energy as acting agency in frames of SAVE programme officially and passed financial needs on her activity

Until this moment Agency had been funded by PFRR exclusively. As the official date of establishment of Agency European Commission accepted January 2004.

2. Agency was included in works connected to creation of integrated system of municipal waste management in Bialystok City.

We organized 4 meetings for interested parties: city authorities, energy companies, local authorities. Their effect were accord to start up a consortium which will occupy oneself with realization of investment connected to processing municipal wastes. PAZE sought companies with technology answering city of Bialystok needs.

3. In April 2004 we prepared and sent to local communities (so called "gminas" from podlaskie voivodship) the inquiry on subject of renewable sources of energy. Accession to preparing of data base enabling study of "voivodeship energetic plan".

4. PAZE organized 2 large conferences: Third and Fourth Energy Forums

20 April 2004 - Third Energy Forum "Local energy sources in energy economy of podlaskie voivodship"

27 October 2004 Fourth Energy Forum "Energy saving". Experts from Polish National Energy Conservation Agency – in frames of project "Energy bus" were present at this event among other guests

Participants of the conferences were representatives of municipal enterprises, housing cooperatives, companies and firms with energetic trade, local authorities from podlaskie voivodship.

5. We organized 5 seminars focused on renewable energy sources - in Bialystok ("Energy saving technologies") in D±browa Białostocka, Gródek, Narew and Narewka ("Energy plants as chance for activization of rural areas of podlaskie voivodeship").

Average rating display us by participants of seminars and conference was 4,34 (in scale from 1 to 5)

6. The preparation of preliminary materials connected with promotion of RES and RUE including applied technical solutions, basic information and valid legal adjustments.

7. PAZE organized 12 radio broadcasts series "Let's talk about energy"- broadcast throughout November this year.

8. Preparation of the official Agency webpage as well as the increase of mediumistic workings in matters being the Agency area of interest.

9. We are participating in project realized by the Poland – Lithuanian Economic Chamber of Eastern Markets "Energy plans on regional scale with utilization of RES "

We are engaged as partner in the next project:
"The clean energy in occupants consciousness of Euroregion Niemen" (we are waiting upon its acceptance by authorities of Euroregion Niemen)

Planned actions- 2005 (general outlines)

1. Continuation works over energetic balance of podlaskie voivodship
2. Analysis of energy use in chosen economy sectors
3. Educationa, activity, promotion and training (continuation of seminars, organization of Fifth and Sixth Energetic Forum)
4. Development of commercial service activities
5. Organization of network meeting (agencies participating in project)

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