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We would warmly welcome cooperation with other similar agencies and institutions from other EU states active in the field of renewable energy, energy saving and its rational use.


The regional authorities Marshal Office of Podlaskie Voivodship together with local partner Podlaska Regional Development Foundation (PRDF) decided to apply to the European Programme SAVE II for a contribution in project aimed at creation of an agency specialized in renewable energy sources and energy saving.

Podlaska Agency for Energy in Bialystok has been established in June 2003. Our partners in this project are Camara Municipal de Corvo (Portugal) – co-ordinator, and Provincia Di Teramo (Italy)

From legal point of view Podlaska Agency of Energy is affiliated entity to the Podlaska Regional Development Foundation (PRDF).


The main objective of the Agency is to promote rational use of energy. Podlaska Agency for Energy takes activities aimed at rationalization of production, distribution and utilization of energy and promotion of renewable energy sources. One of the main tasks of the Agency is to provide expertise and advise to costumers and local authorities in order to promote appropriate RES and RUE technologies. Agency will realize “light projects”, it means that funds can not be used for example, to build a boiler or energetic installation.

Range of activity

1. Support the local authorities in promoting the rational use of energy and in formulating their energy plans
2. Promote of the European network specialized in controlling of the energy and safeguard of the environment
3. Studies and analysis for people interested in RES
4. Popularization of services proposed towards end-users, SME and institutions
5. Introduction of the internet in the fields of energy on European dimension
6. Education and training of technical personnel and development of methods for energy audits
7. Support the local energy companies in their energy policy
8. Popularization of European energy directives
9. Improvement of energy efficiency of the final users
10. Promotion of renewable energy use
11. Dissemination of environmental protection
12. Information centre appointment to inform about energy efficiency
13. Affirmation of information, instruction (training), regarding counseling energy efficiency
14. Endorsing project of foundation for plans of provisions to energy

Main targets

- Correction of energy proficiency and promotion of RES
- Search for optimal conditions of supplies energy in region
- Management energy as basic foundation of sustainable development in region
- Search for solutions of problems concerning pollution and proper utilization of energy stock


- Support the local Authorities in promoting the rational use of energy and in formulating energy plans
- Promote of the European network specialized in controlling of the energy and safeguard of the environment
- Benchmarking and exchange of experience with local and external experts
- Promotion of question related with environmental protection
- Creation of information center for rational use of energy
- Facilities of information through internet in relation to union policy in range of management energy and environmental protection
- Information about external, possible sources of sponsorship for operations and projects from helpful centers
- Cooperation with European agencies

Planned operations and effects

- Elaboration of regional energy plan with taking into consideration RES
- Preparation study of feasibility, auditing and monitoring
- Free information, instruction and counseling in range of saving energy
- Organizing seminars and conferences with participation of national and foreign experts
- Current cooperation with European Commission – Directorate General Energy and Transport
- Current information of consumer and assistance in solving problem related with utilization energy and foreign projects participation
- Supplying of information in region and technical assistance in preparation of project for sponsorship within the confines of European programs like: SAVE, ALTERNER
- Participation of the Agency in European projects in range of promotion and utilization of energy

Manner of operation

Being affiliated institution Podlaska Agency for Energy has individual bank account and financial system as well as independent management staff. The Agency is under its own supervision structures like Agency Council and Technical Committee.
The Agency Council is composed by representatives of: Council of Region, Marshall Office, National Energy Agency, Regional Gasworks Plant, Bialystok Heat and Power Plant, Bialystok Power Industry Plant, Euro Info Centre and PRDF.
The Technical Committee is composed by experts and specialist focusing on energy issues.
The Agency has guarantees of independence as non-government organization for non-profit activities. As the result of the above conception, the Agency has full autonomy in the management of the project under the control of the Agency Council.


Podlaska Agency for Energy is located within the infrastructure of Podlaska Regional Development Foundation, and it takes of its office accommodation, conference, computer network, Euro Info Centre library. Our close co-operation with local municipality is the opportunity to spread all kind of information and actions needed by the project in the region.

Coverage of operation: Podlaskie Voivodship

Duration of Project: 36 months

Supraregional context

It functions presently 230 local and regional Energy Agencies in UE and countries being a candidate. Podlaska Agency for Energy will keep contacts with these institutions aim at exchange of experience and realization of common projects.

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